Deep Cleaning Services


Deep cleaning refers to the process which goes above and beyond a daily clean and ensures that all areas of your property are safely and hygienically cleaned.

While daily cleaning will involve vacuuming, mopping and the maintenance of a tidy appearance, a deep clean will tackle the hidden, but no less important, areas of cleanliness.

Our deep cleaning services for homes or commercial properties are generally undertaken during a quiet period within your property so that the team can do a thorough job.


What’s Included

All our deep cleans include:

  • Furniture moved so that the cleaning team can reach neglected areas,

  • Carpets are shampooed and vacuumed,

  • Areas missed in daily cleaning are targeted - high shelves, keyboards, the tops of monitors, etc.,

  • Buffing and polishing of wooden flooring,

  • Bathrooms are deep cleaned and disinfected,

  • Kitchens are deep cleaned, including fridges, microwaves, and ovens.