Post Renovation Cleaning Services


The feeling of joy once your build or renovation project is complete can quickly turn sour once you look around and realise how much work there is to do to tidy up afterwards. Even the smallest renovation jobs can create a big mess!

At Brilliant Cleaning Contractors Ltd we have the industrial-strength cleaning chemicals, proper equipment, and the professional know-how to turn your post-building disaster area into the sparkling spaces you envisaged at the start of the project.

We provide extensively trained, fully vetted, and certified cleaning specialists to take on any sized construction clean-up for both private and commercial customers.

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What’s Included

All our basic after build cleaning services include:

  • Removal of all labels from bathrooms, windows, toilets, and kitchens,

  • Cleaning of all floors of any paint or plaster,

  • Cleaning of all windows, window frames, & sills as well as the removal of any paint or plaster,

  • Cleaning all skirting boards,

  • Washing all the doors,

  • Cleaning all sockets & switches,

  • Spot cleaning of walls and ceilings,

  • Cleaning all kitchen, bedroom, & living room cupboards inside and out,

  • Cleaning and polishing all kitchen, bedroom & living room surfaces & woodwork,

  • Cleaning of toilets inside and out,

  • Washing the tiles & all basins in the bathroom(s),

  • Vacuuming & mop all floors and stairs,

  • Making sure the property is dust-free.

Optional extra – deep cleaning of carpets/floor tiles